Pallas’s Ballet Workout ©

Pallas’s Ballet Workout is a hybrid of techniques developed for men, women, and teenagers with little or no prior training in dance (and for those who would like to return to dance after some time away from it).

The only requirement is the desire to learn. The workout is designed to build strength, stamina and coordination, while gently but progressively increasing flexibility. One develops musicality and artistry while training to become skilled in a form of self expression. As a bonus there is a marked reduction in tension and stress.

The workout consists of three primary elements:

• The first is classical ballet barre work and stretching techniques taught in a “body friendly” style

• Second is correct “placement”, or body alignment which supports a return to organic posture

• The third element is consciously directed use of the breath which creates a state of relaxed invigoration and a myriad of benefits.

Pallas's Ballet Workout and Boogie Jam © is a new expanded version of her Ballet Workout adding the element of high energy funky jazz dance. Pallas usually creates her own choreography for these autumn/winter 2009/2010 Pallas has been paying tribute to the loving memory of Michael Jackson by teaching segments of the original choreography from some of his videos.

For in depth descriptions and information about Pallas's Ballet Workout, please read Articles #1 and 2 under NEWS-ARCHIVE.

Pallas’s Ballet Workout can be scheduled by appointment for groups, companies and individuals, and is also suitable to be taught in the workplace.

pallas head

foto by Danielle Vermeij