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Message from Pallas . . .

It is with great joy and pleasure that I have been teaching' Pallas's Ballet Workout and Boogie Jam' for adults and teenagers. I am touched by the incredible feedback and responses which I have received from my students, so we have created this page to share these sentiments and bits of correspondence with our readers. I want to thank all of my students for their enthusiasm, openness, and desire to learn. My students are also my teachers! Thank you.

Love, Pallas


Hi this workout sounds great. Can you give someone with no rhythm, and two left arms and feet, some assurance that you can teach them! I have wanted to learn ballet since I remember ever wanting anything and now I am 47! If you would like a challenge then I would love to try out a class.

Warm regards

You've come to the right teacher- I'm very supportive and love a challenge...
and you'll be in good company
start clapping and counting to 8 right now!

Warm regards

Pallas, I wanted to give you some feedback on the Saturday class. Firstly what an amazing teacher you are. At no time did I feel like a bumbling idiot with two left feet, I LOVED the class! At 47, my very first ever ballet and dance class and I felt fabulous! I was moved to tears at times because I was doing something I never ever thought I could do and that is join in a ballet class. Thank you for giving me, as a complete non dancer, the opportunity to learn how to move with style and elegance and for your patience, persistence and grace in teaching me the correct posture and moves.

Encore! Madame!


PS Can't wait for Tuesday's class!!

Oh, WOW!!! Now you've moved me to tears!
I'm so glad that you loved it! I love teaching, and sharing what I know, and in my own way, making some kind of difference in people's lives...
Thank you so much for this feedback


Hi Pallas I am not sure you realise just how amazing you are. I have never heard of such a class in the UK and NL you are unique!

Thanks so much!!


Dear Pallas,

The class was wonderful yesterday and I left with a totally changed energy! Thank you very much for this and I am looking forward to our next classes!


Pallas's class has worked some kind of magic for me. I may go into the class feeling cranky, out of sorts and exhausted. I emerge less cranky, feeling in tune and less tired. You explain that! I think that is the "Pallas Workout Factor"

- Leen H.

I've enjoyed the class immensely !

- Monique R.

I really, really enjoy this class!!!
I can feel my body slightly sore, a good thing, tells
me I worked hard!

Looking forward to the next classes.

- Sheyla K.

I have enjoyed your way of teaching very much. After each lesson I always felt elegant and more self assured. Thank you very much for that, Pallas!

- Marion N.

Dear Pallas,

I love your classes and I'm sorry I'm not going to be around for more of them . . . You can rest assured that I will continue to sing their praises . . . I wish I could take you back to London with me!

- Rebecca L.

I would like to join your classes again in September. It's hard work for me, but good work. I like it very much.

- Ingeborg M.

Going to classes with Pallas has been a remarkable tonic for me at a time of high stress at work and at home. In just a few weeks I felt my whole attitude change. Not only did the effect of just one hour per week show almost at once in my posture, my muscle tone, and my physical fitness, but I also felt more focused, more balanced as well as more enjoyment in life. It has helped me to cope, to see myself differently, and to remember how it felt to be young and fit with muscles in all the right places. The classes are enjoyable - relaxed and hard work at the same time. . . I really recommend them. Better than any amount of more abstract 'self-development' activities, retreats and that kind of thing.

- Helen H.

I enjoy the classes in an unexpected way. I used to teach aerobics, but with the onset of arthritis in my neck, and now in my hips, I thought it would be a good idea to slow down. But yoga just doesn't agree with me. However, I find the ballet exercises are a very gentle way of opening up my hips. I also find it surprisinly relaxing, perhaps partly because it reminds me of my childhood, and partly because of the classical music. (In yoga I end up listening to my tummy rumbling.) The other nice thing is to have a chance to be elegant. I love Audrey Hepburn films and sometimes feel that people today are too brutish in their movement and behaviour; the ballet classes give one a chance to try and be elegant and graceful. And your muscles ache afterwards( and I'm someone who gets a lot of exercise!).

- Kate M.

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